Saudi Arabia – Traditional clothing in the Kingdom

The dress code has an important role in Saudi culture. Saudis prefer traditional clothes to Western styles of dress, and generally wear modern adaptations of age-old designs. The loose, flowing traditional garments are practical for the Kingdom’s hot, windswept climate, and in keeping with the Islamic ideal of modesty. In this article we will introduce you to the traditional Saudi clothing.

Traditional Arab dress for men
Men usually wear a Thobe also known as Arab Thawb. This ankle-length piece of fabric made of cotton or wool can be associated as a robe with long sleeves. The second part of their costume is composed of a large square of cotton, the Ghutra, and held thanks to the Igaal, a cord circlet. Last but not least the Bisht finalizes the outfit.

Traditional Arabic dress for women
The outfit of women consists of different parts. First of all, they wear a black Abaya (similar as a cloak) on top of their dress. Just like men, women also cover their heads with a black Shayla wrapped around their head and maintained with jewellery or accessories. Traditional female outfits are richly trimmed with a colourful touch in the pieces of fabrics worn. The last part of their dress is a veil. This tradition dates back from 2 millennia’s ago, to protect their faces from the exposure to the sun in the desert.

Arabic jewellery
The final essential touch is obviously referring to jewellery.
The jewellery is usually made of silver, gold, stones such as turquoise or amber, pearls and corals. Small accessories such as coins or chains are used as ornaments. These artefacts symbolize the social and economic status, and are nowadays a gift from husbands to wives when getting married or having a child.

Saudi Arabia is famous for its traditional, fine and well-designed outfits. This is a part of its culture you do not want to miss. We can only recommend you to go wandering in Madinah’s souks to immerge yourself in this typical atmosphere.

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