Looking for the best shopping mall in Jeddah? Check out our top 5

Jeddah city is more than just a destination for people who enjoy sunbathing. There are plenty of activities and places to see that are related to it’s culture, religion, history, art, beach and last but not least…shopping centres! Jeddah has it all, and you can enjoy these experiences while staying at our hotel.

Unless you feel like visiting all the shopping malls in Jeddah, this article will guide you through our recommendation of the best malls. We hope this article will enrich your Jeddah shopping adventures!

Mall of Arabia
The Mall of Arabia features a wide selection of popular international as well as local brands in both fashion and electronics. The mall houses 300 stores displayed on the 4 different floors as well as a snow village and areas where you can let yourself be entertained.

Red Sea Mall
Considered as one of the biggest shopping centres in Jeddah, the Red Sea mall offers a wide range of options to spend your day: stores to fill up your wardrobe, restaurants and cafes to grab something on the go – in order to get back to your shopping marathon over the 3 floors as fast as possible – or take your time to enjoy traditional delicacies, as well as interactive exhibitions to have fun and chill out.

Stars Avenue Mall
The list continues with the Stars Avenue Mall, known for its fountains and water/lights shows in the middle of the shopping centre. Perfect entertainment while having a break from shopping or while having dinner in one of the restaurants housed in the mall.

Aziz Mall in Jeddah
Our two last listings will combine shopping and kids. As a matter of fact, in addition of a various range of shops, this shopping centre and its Billy Beez area is famous for being the World’s largest indoor playground. The soft structure ensures the security of your kids, and will keep them entertained and excited! Going shopping with your kids can also be fun!

Al Salaam Mall
Last but not least, the Al Salaam Mall. Shopping with your kids? You definitely should drop by Sparky’s. This entertainment area created around a firefly character, will for sure please your kids and the whole family as it displays various facilities including: an indoor ice rink, rides, arcade games as well as a soft play area.

Now, it’s time to shop around the malls in the city to make the bargains possible. We wish you a great time in Jeddah! Feel free to ask our staff for more information on shopping malls you can visit in Jeddah. The Al Murjan Red Sea Hotel Jeddah would be obliged to welcome you to its luxury retreat.