Artistic places in Jeddah to visit

You might know Jeddah for its fine white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Jeddah is also known for its cultural and religious heritage including the picturesque Old Jeddah, the Floating Mosque, and the world famous King Fahd’s Fountain. Nevertheless, these are not the only attractions you can take the best out of while staying at our hotel in Jeddah. Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia is also a place for Art-lovers!

There are three different historical art museums in Jeddah: the Abdul Rauf Khalil museum, the Darat Safeya Binzagr, and the Sami Angawi House. Jeddah’s culture and heritage are exhibited in these museums so it is a good place to start if you are interested in the history and traditions of the Kingdom.

However, if you are more into contemporary art and don’t want to spend the whole afternoon in a museum, there are also other options to enjoy the sun and feed your interest and curiosity with urban street art. Here is a list of Jeddah sculptures to look for while enjoying your stay at the Signature Al Murjan Beach Resort Hotel:

The Mameluke Lanterns
The Mameluke Lanterns are one of the most famous landmarks in Jeddah. The Spanish artist and architect Julio Lafuente designed these four stained glass lanterns. He is also responsible for about 30 other masterpieces in Jeddah. Located on King Abdul Aziz Road, this is a must stop by at night when the lanterns are illuminated and offer really amazing photo opportunities.

Cars Crashing in the Concrete
One thing you have to know while visiting Jeddah is to always take care while driving. This next sculpture is also from Julio Lafuente but this time in a more contemporary type of art. This artwork, located on the Corniche, showcases five cars that have crashed into a huge block of concrete. Perhaps as a reminder of Jeddah’s frightening traffic jam?

The Illuminated Globe
As you might have guessed, Julio Lafuente is a major artist in Jeddah and his art is spread all over town thanks to its different contributions. Another work of art of his is the Illuminated globe. Located in the middle of a large roundabout in North Jeddah by Roshan Mall, the illuminated globe, made of stained glass and steel, shines at night, bringing the world at your feet.

The Bicycle Roundabout
A must see is one of Jeddah’s other symbols: the Bicycle roundabout on King Fahd Road and Al-Rawdah Street. Threatened by a bridge construction project, this sculpture was close to getting destroyed. However as a strong symbol of the city, this bicycle made of iron survived and will remain a landmark of the city.

Now, it’s time to take your camera and go around the city to take the best shots possible. We wish you a great time in Jeddah! Feel free to ask our staff for more information on sculptures you can visit in Jeddah. The Al Murjan Red Sea Hotel Jeddah would be obliged to welcome you to its luxury retreat.