Archeology in Saudi Arabia

There is a lot to discover beyond the modern cities and shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. One of its true wonders is the vast sand region where tourists and pilgrims can wander in the desert and experience Saudi archeology and Bedouin lifestyle. Take a ride back in time from our Dar Al Taqwa hotel in Madinah and discover the origin of the Arabic civilization.

You can start your archeology tour 400 kilometers away from Madinah, where you will find traces of ancient civilizations. The first desert wonder is the Hedjaz railway. It was built by the Ottoman Empire to help pilgrims undertake their pilgrimage to the holy cities of Madinah and Mecca. The construction of this ambitious project started in 1900 in Damascus, and made its way to Madinah 8 years later.

After 6 years the Arab revolts and the First World War started which meant that the railway constantly became a victim of attacks. The famous Lawrence of Arabia defeated armies by attacking the trains and preventing goods from reaching their destinations. You can still see the ruins of stations and scattered pieces of locomotives left to rust in the desert.

Our Next stop is the Madain Saleh tombs, which are part of the World Heritage sites protected by UNESCO. Madain Saleh was the former Nabataean capital city. The constructions are mysterious and full of flagrant history. It has 131 rock-cut tombs spread over 13.4 kilometers. The city itself had a sig, walls, towers, water conduits, and cisterns.
These are some of the sites you can visit during your holidays in Madinah. Visit our website for more information about archeological tours or about our Luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia.