Historical places in Madinah

Madinah is the place where the first Muslim community flourished. It is a holy city that brings together history, religion and tradition. It is indeed the cradle of the three oldest mosques of the Islam and that  is why there are a lot of interesting places to visit in Madinah.

The true story of Madinah starts with the actions of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as the very significance of “Madinah” is “the city of the prophet”. He chose Madinah to be the birth place of the Muslim state and started the Islamic calendar on his arrival at the city, as the beginning of the Islam. Playing such an important role in the history of the Islam, Madinah offers you a lot to discover:

Quba Mosque
In 622 A.D, the Prophet, peace be upon him, left Makkah to protect the Muslim community from the persecution of the Quraish tribe. On his emigration to Madinah (Hijra), the prophet positioned the first stones of what would become the very first mosque of the Islam before he reached the city.

Prophet mosque
When the Prophet, peace be upon him, arrived in Madinah after Hijra in 622 A.D, he immediately wanted to build a mosque. He let his camel wander and where the camel stopped, become the location the mosque had to be build on.

Qiblatayn Mosque
To give you some information about the mosque, the name means “two directions of prayer”. At the beginning of the Islam, Muslims prayed toward Jerusalem. One day, Allah told the prophet and all the Muslims in the mosque that they should turn toward Ka’aba in Makkah to pray. As of recently, the Qiblatayn Mosque was the only one in the world with two qiblas, hence its name.

Mount Uhud
North of Madinah is the Mount Uhud. The mount is especially important as it is now a symbol for all the Muslims. In the beginning of the battle of Badr, it appeared as if the Muslim community had the advantage and they got incautious. The Makkan army took advantage and ambushed the Muslims. The prophet himself (PBUH) was hurt and a lot of Muslims perished. The mount is now remembered as a symbol of humility and caution for all the Muslims.

Tomb of Prophet Muhammad
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, died in 632 A.D. He was buried in his house, which was close to the mosque at the time. Over the years and with the expansion of Islam, the mosque expanded as well and the tomb is now inside its walls.

Here the history of Madinah is told through its monuments. It’s without a doubt that the best way to learn about this wonderful city is to visit it. Its places and monuments literally talk to the visitors!

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